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Free Download Viman Shastra in Hindi PDF

Viman Shastra - The ancient book about Flying Technology. written by Maharishi Bhardwaj

You have certaily heard or studied about the ancient aeroplans as described in Ramayana named Pushpak vimana. All the ancients things related to Hindus are presumed to be fake. But here is given in the viman shashtra everything about Ancient Flying machines. Our ancestors were such a great that the thing they used before 5000 years are not discovered yet. read these hindi books and take pride of being Hindu.

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Click here to download Viman shashtra in Hindi

Research Reports about OM- The Sacred Word

- Its complete in itself, Nothing needed to add this, Yes its completes all the Hindu Chants and Mantras. Do you wish to know what the significance it have in this modern scientific word. Just download the Research reports of Om and observe everything yourself.

 Spectral Analysis of Om

Time Frequency Analysis of Om

Vedic Mythology of Solar Eclipse and its Scientific Validation

Reaserch Reports on Puranas