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Hardly there will be any person who does not know about the Legend Chanakya. Guru Chanakya is one of the supreme figures of knowledge and wisdom in the Indian history. His was known as Vishnugupt at his child age. He is also named Kautilya.  He was lived from 350B.C. to 283B.C. He was a king maker. He made a mere child “ChandraGupt Maurya” the king of the India by defeating Nanda. He played a great role for reunion the India under Maurya Empire. He was the guru and Prime Minister of Chandragupta. Chanakya was a professor at the Takshila. The great and well know university in ancient India (Now in Pakistan) and was an specialist in commerce, economics, Politics and warfare mainly, as well expert in chemistry, Astrology, Physics, etc. His famous  work was known as Kautilya Arthshashtra, It basically consists of the principles of politics, how the state works, qualities of a king and his prime minister and much more one should must know.

Here Two Books are given which are driven from the different books of Chanakya. You must read these to know those Great Tactics.

Chanakya Niti

Chanakya Sutrani

Chanakya Niti

 Click here to download Chanakya Sutrani in Hindi pdf free

Click here to download Chanakya Neeti in Hindi pdf free

Vidhur Niti

Mahatma Vidhur was the Minister of Hatinapur, The greatest empire of ancient India and was uncle of Pandavas and Kauravas as well the central character of great Ancient Indian epic Mahabharat. He was raised amd educated by Bhishma. He considered being the Avatar of Dhrama Raj. Hence he was very much wise and intellectual. In duration of war, Dhritrashtra calls him for some great advise about Dharma, Karma, Activities of Great person and a lot more. Vidhur Niti is basically a conversation between both them and contains a lot of teaching about life that one must know.

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